My husband and I have been infertile for 6 years. The quality of my follicle and my husband’s
sperm are relatively poor. During this period, we rushed to various hospitals for treatment.
Drinking Chinese medicine for about a year. Unfortunately, I have never been able to fulfill my
wish. Finally, we chose IVF treatment. Before IVF, I took Fertile One PC600 and DHEA and my
husband took MFSg5 for about 6 months. His percentage of sperm moving forward increased
from 4% to 32%. My base follicle number increased from 6 to 15.It’s too amazing! We passed the
test tube once and gave birth to a baby boy on December 26, 2019. It’s very cute and healthy. We
are so lucky. Thank you very much for the Coast Science company, it gave us hope in despair!