Our story started in May 2017 when we decided to try for our first baby. Each month going past we would get disappointed when we wouldn’t get our dream but we carried on trying. In October Andy went for a well man’s full body check up and it came back that his sperm count was low. At this point we had told the doctor we had been trying for a while and slightly longer than we had. We got referred to a fertility clinic where myself Rebecca also got tested I got the upsetting news that my Amh was low meaning I had low egg reserve and our only option was ivf using icsi. We got put onto a waiting list and we then in February 2018 got our consultant appt I was advised that we should expect to start treatment around July /August and to take DHEA. This is where I contacted Andrew Snelle at Coast Science who was recommended by Mr. Harris at our clinic. Andrew was so helpful and advised this will help my eggs and I ordered the tablets. I started taking DHEA and my partner Andy took the male MFS supplements too. Two weeks into taking Andy’s tablets we had been booked in for another sperm sample to see how he was doing ready to undertake ivf and it had jumped from 4 million to 22 million. We were so happy.

Fast forward another 4 weeks I was two days late this is very uncommon for me so I was thinking can the tablets delay your period but I had checked and it couldn’t so I rang Andy to say bring home a pregnancy test and to our surprise that following morning we got our first bfp! (Big fat positive) as many would say in the fertility world. We were in complete shock so happy and emotional that this has happened naturally and a few months off having ivf and we can only put it down to the amazing effects of Coast Science DHEA and MFS . We are now just over 17 weeks with our miracle and are awaiting our 20 week scan. Andrew and his team couldn’t have been more supportive through our journey and we couldn’t recommend coast science enough.