I swear by the Male Fertility Supplement Coast Science™ makes.  My husband and I had a lot of difficulties in trying to conceive our children.  After thousands of dollars and failed procedures, we were told about your product.  We relocated to Arizona and got in contact with a fertility doctor.  Approximately six weeks after meeting with the fertility doctor, I was pregnant.  Although that pregnancy ended in a miscarriage, I found myself pregnant again just a short 6 weeks later.  January ’06 our son was born.  Knowing the difficulties we had in conceiving our son, we were sure it would take some time again to have another child. My husband began taking the supplement when our son was 4 months old.  Much to our surprise, when my son was 6 months old I got pregnant with our daughter.  She was born in April ’07.  Two children 15 months apart was more than a dream come true, but we knew that we wanted another child, and possibly 2 more children.  Now, I am 9 weeks pregnant with our third child, which is due to arrive May ’09