Health & Wellness Products

  • DHEA

    Coast Science®, DHEA contains 25 mg of pharmaceutical grade 99% pure DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone), the motherload of some 10 different steroid hormones associated with youth.† DHEA has demonstrated broad beneficial potential in the many detailed studies on prevention of age related diseases. The decline of DHEA levels in the body as we grow older is widely recognized. In males this decline starts in the early to mid twenties and a few years later in females.
  • The Coast Science® Coast Complete Multi CCM Vitamin is a complete one-a-day multi vitamin designed to support optimal health. CCM contains 21 essential vitamins and minerals and is fortified with Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba.
  • The Coast Science® Cognitive Support Formula CSF is a super brain boosting formula, which includes a unique proprietary blend designed to support mental focus, promote clarity of thought and aid memory function.
  • The Coast Science® Flexibility Support Formula is a powerful, complete formula designed to provide maximum joint support with antioxidants and an additional 20 ingredients.
  • The Coast Science® Coast Digestive Support Formula DSF is a probiotic formula designed to provide digestive support by maintaining healthy digestive balance, promoting immune system health and replenishing healthy bacteria.
  • The Coast Science® BMI Reductor is formulated to assist the weight challenged individual in reducing over all BMI (Body Mass Index). It has been formulated to aid in digestion, metabolism and to assist in optimizing overall weight management through appetite control.
  • The Coast Science® Coast Sleep Aid Formula includes a specially formulated proprietary blend designed to support regular sleep patterns, help reduce fatigue and promote refreshed energy.
  • The Coast Science® Coast Vision Support Formula VSF formula includes the critical ingredients Quercetin, Lutein and Lycopene. Coast VSF is designed to support maximum eye function, promote healthy vision and act as an eye strain aid.
  • The Coast Science® Cardio Support is a 14-ingredient nutritional aid for cardiovascular health and may aid in providing both natural blood pressure support and promoting healthy blood circulation.
  • The Coast Science® Coast Ultra for Hair Skin & Nails (HSN) supplement is a maximum strength, nutrient-rich formula composed of 29 ingredients and is designed to support hair growth and promote lustrous hair, skin quality and nail health.
  • The Coast Science® Coast Omega-3 supplement is made from only the highest quality ingredients. EPA & DHA, two crucial omega-3 fatty acids essential in our diets, have been found to have many health benefits. This product helps to support the health of numerous body systems including: cardiovascular, neuromuscular and GI.