Hard to believe that Spring is upon us already! It’s a beautiful time of year, though – a time for rebirth and new growth. That’s an apt description for what’s been going on here at Coast Science, too. We have engaged new manufacturing partners to improve the quality and efficacy of our products, and we are expanding into new countries like India and Australia. Consistent with our continuing international growth, we will be exhibiting at ESHRE in June. If you’ll be joining us in Munich (with over 10,000 other participants), get in touch with me so we can plan to meet up! It’s not often, after all, that we get to connect across the globe! If not, or in the meantime, here’s wishing your practice similar growth and prosperity this season.

Facial Recognition Technology to Improve Donor Outcomes


Have you heard about this amazing new development in ART? Companies, such as Precision Donor, are using the latest in facial recognition software to match egg and sperm donors with infertile couples who want what every parent desires – a child that looks like them. Using what was formerly only available for national security, Precision Donor employs Biometric Facial Recognition to extract facial images, angles, and nodal points, then translates those into mathematical expressions (think anonymity, too) that can be matched against parents or donors to identify maximum similarities. All of these steps are handled through an anonymous online system that ultimately puts patients in contact with the bank that houses their chosen donor. For more information about the technology or company, visit: here.